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When corporate greed runs rampant and decisions made half a world away can impact jobs and investments with the speed of keystroke, working people must build our strength and increase our knowledge by making alliances across national boundaries.

Here are some allies you might want to get to know:

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Global Union Federations (GUF)

International Federation of Chemical, Energy and Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM)

The global union federation which represents over 467 industrial trade unions in 132 countries.

For more information about the ICEM and their activities, check out its website.

Public Services International (PSI)

This is the global union federation for public sector trade unions, PSI represents some 650 affiliated trade unions in 150 countries. For more information about the PSI and their activities, check out its website.

World Social Forum

A network linking peoples' movements around the world who believe that the path to sustainable development and social and economic justice lies in alternative models for people, rather than in neo-liberal globalization. Since the first WSF in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001, it has inspired many regional, national and local forums. For more information about the WSF, check out its website.

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The Americas

Mexican man & woman posing at conference with Juntos sign behind them


Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT)

The Authentic Labor Front or Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT) is an independent federation of labor unions, worker owned cooperatives, farm worker and community organizations. The FAT was founded in 1960 and now represents workers in over half the states of Mexico in manufacturing industries including textiles, garment, shoemaking, rubber, and auto parts, as well as in agriculture and construction. In recent years, its union sector has expanded to include workers in the public, service and transportation sectors. It also has several workers centers in Northern Mexico.

UE Alliance with the Frente Autentico del Trabajo
FAT website: (in Spanish)
Mexican Labor News & Analysis: Labor and related political news from Mexico   

Union Nacional de Trabajadores (UNT)

Formed in 1999, the UNT provides a more independent and progressive alternative to the historically corrupt and government dominated "official" labor movement. UNT website in Spanish


Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina (CTA)  

The CTA was formed in 1992 as a new confederation of both employed and unemployed workers based on three concepts: direct affiliation, full democracy and political autonomy

CTA website in Spanish

Two Brazilian men in full union regalia with group of marchers


Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT)

The CUT is Brazil's largest labor confederation, and the 5th largest in the world! Founded in 1983, it links public and private sector workers throughout Brazil in a progressive and militant organization committed to fighting aggressively for worker's rights.

CUT website (in Portuguese)

CNM-CUT Internacional

Brazil's National Federation of Metalworkers is CNM CUT - Confederação Nacional dos Metalúrgicos

CNM-CUT website (in Portuguese)

União Geral dos Trabalhadores (UGT)

Brazil’s General Union of Workers was founded in 2007 with the merger of the union confederations Social Democracia Sindical (SDS) and Central Autônoma de Trabalhadores (CAT) with a broad group of independent unions.

UGT website in Portuguese with limited English


Canadian Auto Workers (CAW/CTA) 

The CAW, with approximately 225,000 members, is the largest private sector union in Canada. It represents workers in many industries including the automobile industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, electrical and electronics, air transportation and many other areas.

Canadian Auto Workers website

Canadian Steel Workers

The United Steelworkers (Canada) represent workers from factories to offices, to hospitals, university campuses, hotels, warehouses, bakeries, banks, transportation and communication workers and many more. The union has approximately 250,000 members.

USW (Canada) website

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 

With almost 600,000 members across Canada, CUPE represents workers in health care, education, municipalities, libraries, universities, social services, public utilities, transportation, emergency services and airlines.

CUPE website

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP)

The CEP is one of Canada’s larger unions, representing a wide variety of workers across the country. This union formed as the result of a merger of three smaller unions in 1992, and has a membership today of approximately 150,000.

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada web site

Group of women standing together in front of strike banner
Trade unionists from UE & Québec unions showed solidarity with FAT strikers during a tri-national delegation
Centrale des Syndicats du Québec (CSQ)

The CSQ represents approximately 180,000 workers, in 11 federations which unite nearly 230 unions on the basis of their member’s fields of activity. The CSQ’s members work primarily in education, health, day care and social services.

CSQ website (in French)
CSQ website in English

Centre international de solidarité ouvrière (CISO)

CISO's mission is to develop international solidarity by building links between workers in Canada (Quebec) and in the rest of the Americas in struggles to win respect for their rights, for better working conditions, and for building a society that is more just and democratic.

CISO website (in French)

Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN)  

The CSN is composed of unions, federations and central councils throughout Québec, where it is engaged in fighting to extend social, economic, political and cultural structures to permit all society to flourish.  The CSN represents both public and private sector workers in a variety of workplaces, including health, public services, education, paper, construction, and many others.

CSN Website (in French):

Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ)

The FIQ includes more than 60 unions representing some 58,000 nursing and cardio-respiratory care professionals in over 158 health care institutions in Québec.

FIQ Website (in French)
FIQ Website (more limited in English)

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)

NUPGE is comprised of 11 unions and is one of the largest unions in Canada. Most of their 340,000 members work to deliver public services of every kind to the citizens of their home provinces, although they also have a large and growing number of members who work for private businesses.

NUPGE Website

Syndicat de la Function Publique de Québec (SFPQ)

The SFPQ represents more than 43,000 workers, predominantly office workers and technicians, throughout the province of Québec. Its mission includes representation of the interests of members in relation to employers and defense of their social, economic and political interests, as well as to act as a social pressure group that is independent of any political organization and pursues social development based on democratic values, sharing of resources, solidarity and social progress.

SFPQ website (in French)

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Japanese group with anti-war banner in front of military site
Asia/Southeast Asia


The New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI)

NTUI is a trade union confederation founded in 2006. NTUI has been steadily developing its base and has made significant progress towards accomplishing its goals of building a more effective trade union federation to meet the challenges of the offensive against the working class, under capitalist globalization; and forming an organization that gives space for the co-existence of multiple progressive political tendencies.

NTUI Website

Japanese man explains something while African-American woman listens
The international affairs director from ZENROREN talks to UE leader & Québec union rep about the U.S. base at Yokosuka.



Zenroren, Japan's National Confederation of Trade Unions, represents one and a half million workers. It is composed of both national and industrial unions and local federations. Zenroren was founded on November 21, 1989, by Japanese workers seeking a progressive alternative to the existing trade union federations. Zenroren was organized on the basis of three fundamental principles: independence from capital, independence from political parties, unity in action based on agreed demands.

Zenroren Website (in Japanese)
Zenroren Website (more limited in English)


The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU)

This federation was born in 1995 to coordinate the efforts of the unions and industrial federations that helped topple the dictatorship and bring a democratic system to Korea. Many member unions have become known for their militancy and courage. In 1996, the year after it was organized, the KCTU led a month-long nation-wide general strike, triggered by attempts by the government to railroad through new labor laws and corporate-style globalization.

KCTU website (in Korean)
KCTU Website in English


Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU)

The KMU or May First Labour Movement is a national trade union center in the Philippines, with hundreds of progressive labour organizations under its umbrella.  It was created on May 1, 1980 during the Marcos dictatorship to represent the progressive worker's organizations in the Philippines.

KMU Website

Partido ng Manggagawa (PM)

PM has as its mission to forge the unity of the workers into an independent working class party to organize them as a potent political force in social transformation towards the advancement and protection of labor from the scourge of globalization, establishment of a genuine workers’ government and the emancipation of the working class from capitalist exploitation and wage slavery.

PM Website

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The Confédération Générale du Travail (CGT)

The CGT, France’s largest federation, was founded in 1895. It sees its role as as promoting the ideals of liberty, equality, justice, the separation of church and state, fraternity and solidarity. The CGT fights to translate these ideals into both individual and collective guaranties that include the right to organize, the right to work, social protection, and the means to live with dignity at work, in the family and in society. It also fights for freedom of opinion and expression and of union action, the freedom to strike and to have a say over social and economic life within the place of employment as well as in society at large.

The CGT Web site (in French)


Industriegewerkschaft Metall - IG METALL

German Metal Workers Trade Union represents several million members in the iron, steel, metal and metal processing, textile and garment, as well as wood and plastics industries.

IG Metall Website (in German)


Confederazione Generale del Lavoro (CGIL)

The CGIL is the oldest trade union organization in Italy with thirteen national unions.

CGIL Website (in Italian)
CGIL Website (in English)


The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)

COSATU was founded in 1985 and has been in the forefront of the struggle for democracy and workers' rights. It is a partner in the Tripartite Alliance together with the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party. There are currently 22 trade unions affiliated to COSATU, with a combined membership of over 2 million.

COSATU Website

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Armando Robles


"An injury to one person is an injury to all, and for that reason it's important to have allies, nationally as well as internationally.

"Among the relationships we've been building, you'll find unionists from Japan, Mexico, Canada and France. And many more. We are willing to help with each other's struggles, with solidarity and respect. "

Armando Robles
President, UE local 1110


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